red stop signage under clear blue sky
Photo by Martin Péchy on

This word is probably the most hated word in America. We live in a fast paced culture that likes to keep moving and rolling (even through stops signs. Guilty as charged!)  It is the hardest word to follow when trying to hurry through life. We do not have time to stop and be present because we feel like we do not have time to stop.

I was at church a couple weeks ago, and the pastor was talking about always trying to be good and do good and not resting in the righteousness of Christ. Sometimes I think Christianity has become so many rules that we always try to reach the status of Christ, but we were never called to reach the status of Christ. We are called to follow Christ and make disciples. Too often, instead of resting in Christ, we strive to become perfect like Christ, but that is not our purpose. Stop trying to strive. Rest.

When we try to strive in Christ, we end up failing because we are all sinful creations. We are not perfect, so let’s all be real and know that each of us will fail. This is one of my biggest fears: that we try to become perfect Christians instead of becoming disciples. I saw a tweet that said, “Instead of making a to-don’t list, make a to-do list.” But I question if God really wants a to-do list, or does he just want our hearts?

So, stop trying and let God work on your heart. Stop trying to become the perfect Christian and rest in his peace. Stop acting like you have it all together; be broken and real with God. He is looking for imperfect people. When we stop trying, God starts working in us and through us. Christianity shouldn’t feel like a job it should be filled with peace and rest.



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