What does it mean to be free? How can I walk in freedom in this lonely season? How do I become free? I understand the power of the cross but how do I step into my freedom. I do not understand walking in my freedom with no community. The church told me to have faith but then expected me to walk through faith alone. How can I trust freedom from a place that didn’t walk with me through my freedom? I read your word oh God and it is a light unto my feet, but I was never meant to step alone and all I do is find myself in lonely seasons. How is loneliness supposed to lead me to freedom? I know the road to freedom is lonely because the cross was lonely, and it led to freedom. Give me faith oh God to continue to follow your footsteps and realize that the path to freedom leads to death of my flesh for it is only when I die to flesh that I am free. Let me die daily that I may live freely daily.

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