A Good Reminder

I have had a song by Bethel on repeat quite a bit lately. It is called Seas of Crimson. One of the verses is,

Where there was sin, Your love rushed in, Where sin runs deep, Your grace runs deeper, For all enslaved, the ransom paid, Hope of the world, all hail the power

I just want you to read over those words a few times. The cross will never lose it powers. I remember like yesterday what it felt like to be lost and full of hate towards the world. I had fallen into deep depression and didn’t think I would be anything. It only took one encounter with the cross and I knew what love was. My sin ran deep but his grace ran deeper. My hope is that I never forget the day where I felt the love of Christ and embraced his call to come join him in his loving arms. My prayer is that we continue to embrace the cross. No matter the sin his grace runs deep. His love will always be there to rush in.

Be encouraged today in knowing that you were paid for in full. The cross is a symbol of your dead past and the resurrection is a symbol of hope for your future. Your past is dead and nailed to the cross. Walk in the fullness of your freedom!


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