Have You Ever Just Wanted To Run Away From Every Struggle And Worry In The World?

This is the story of my life over the last few months. I have wanted to pack up everything and move out of Cleveland. I have been applying for church jobs and nonprofit jobs out of state. It has taken everything in me not to leave Cleveland.

To be honest, the nonprofit is the only reason I am still in Cleveland. I know Cleveland needs the resource and the nonprofit has been the most stressful the past few months. It is hard working fulltime and not working with what you are passionate about. I thought the nonprofit would have been totally different by now. I have no clue how the nonprofit has made it but by the grace of God. We have only fifty dollars coming in a month from two monthly donors and no one gets paid for the work with the nonprofit and the need continues to grow. The hard part is that we are the only one tackling this issue in the community and if we stop many families will be in need of furniture and many kids will continue sleeping on the floor.

I don’t think people understand what it means to a kid sleeping on the floor and receiving a new bed. Have you ever had to sleep on the floor for a couple of months with no bed? It may take us a few weeks because of the lack of resources but the kid will be off the floor. There is no greater joy than seeing a kid hop on his new bed and be able to call it his own. This has happened countless times. We cannot stop what we are doing! Even though we have been turned down for funding, we will not stop! Yes, there will be sleepless nights ahead and long twelve-hour days until this becomes a full-time job.

So, Cleveland, here is my promise to you. I will not leave because the need is great and hopefully a lot will change in the near future but Transition Furniture will be here for you. We have been called by different cities to come establish Transition Furniture in their community but I have said no. I cannot even reach everyone in my city yet. We will not expand until we know that every person in Cleveland can be taken care of in an effective and timely manner.

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