“I don’t remember the last time I had nice furniture.”


Transition Furniture made a surprise delivery to a “Crossover” family (Crossover is a ministry organized by Lee University). This family lives in East Cleveland and “Elevation” (the High School and College Ministry of North Cleveland Church of God) visits this family weekly. The grandfather received custody of his grandson when he was only a few months old. We met the family a few months ago but I noticed they had a lot of beaten up furniture and I wasn’t even sure if the grandson had a bed to sleep in. The little boy always brings the greatest joy to us when Elevation visits. He is entertaining and not shy at all. The more we visited this house, the more my heart screamed to surprise them with furniture.

It broke my heart one time walking inside in the house and seeing a toddler bed and a queen size bed that looked very old. We thought the grandson had a bed in his room but did not know since we never saw his room. I just knew we had to do something for this family. Here was a grandfather living from check to check taking care of his energetic six-year-old grandson. I have no clue how he does it but he is doing his best raising his grandson with no mom nor dad. I knew Christmas Eve was going to be special for this family.

In the morning of Christmas Eve it was raining! I was not even sure if we would be able to deliver the beds, love seat, and recliner because of the rain. Thankfully the rain stopped long enough for us to make the delivery early afternoon. Two leaders from Elevation went with me to help. We went inside and asked the grandfather to come outside. We opened the back door of our moving van and his eyes got big and he said, “Wow, you all have no clue what this means.” We first moved out the old furniture and carried the new furniture inside. Little did we know that his grandson was sleeping on the toddler bed and did not even have a bed for his size. It was awesome to see that toddler bed go outside. The grandson received a brand new twin size bed from Mattress Firm. We delivered a queen size bed, recliner, and love seat. The grandfather was so overwhelmed. I could tell he took pride in the furniture. He helped us move everything inside and it gave him a spark of energy. It was great to see him go straight to the recliner. The grandfather told his grandson, “This is the best Christmas you’ve had; you even got a brand new bed.” It was indeed a special day for the family but I will never forget what the grandfather said,

“I don’t remember the last time I had nice furniture.”IMG_0761IMG_0745


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