What You Do Today Impacts Your Tomorrow

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough to do what God has called you to do? This is my biggest struggle on a daily basis. I have so many questions about life and what the future holds. To be honest, I’ve even wanted to walk away from the nonprofit and start new in another city. I’ve always asked the question, “If I leave who would replace me in the nonprofit.” I’ve even thought about asking people but I could never leave what God has started through the nonprofit. I know God is up to something when life gets hard because it is a test of faith in our occupation. There is one rule I’ve learned through all the struggles and questions.

God is always working behind in the scenes while you’re working in the scenes. I’ve seen this play out day by day. There have been countless times that I’ve wanted to give up and God puts someone in my life to help me get through the hurdles. I’ve realized that what God does through you today will truly impact your tomorrow and someone’s future. No one can do what God has called you to do for his kingdom. There are times that I want to give up in the nonprofit world but after hearing a family share their story; I know that I’m here for a purpose.

You have purpose. The impact you make on those lives around could change their future and yours. Yes, life has challenges but it’s through those challenges that we develop integrity and character. Don’t give up on today and what God has called you to do in the future. There’s purpose in your impact today and tomorrow. 

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