Why it is Important to Serve on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

The only thing I do not like about Christmas is that there is a lot of receiving but how many of us actually are giving. I am not talking about giving a present to another family member. I am talking about serving with a nonprofit or church or providing Christmas to a family that might not be able to afford Christmas.

I realized this morning that Christmas is about serving. Jesus came into the world in one of the dirtiest places on earth. My biggest fear is that we have gotten good at being “Christian” but have lost the touch of going into the dirtiest places. We can’t be like Christ if we are not willing to go into the dirty places. This is why it is important to serve.

This morning, Transition Furniture (the nonprofit I run) delivered a washer/dryer to a deserving family that was once homeless. We helped them get furniture but we were never able to find them a washer/dryer until yesterday. We surprised the family this morning at 9am but that wasn’t the beauty of the story.

The volunteer who helped me deliver the washer/dryer made it a family affair. His wife and two kids were there ready to help. They are only four and five years old but they are seeing the importance of serving at a young age. The mom we delivered the washer/dryer to has three kids of her own and was having to go to the Laundromat to get her clothes done. I am not married or have kids but I can only imagine taking five, seven, and twelve year old boys to the Laundromat. The mom was so happy to have her own washer/dryer. She said, ”this will make my life a little easier and save me a lot of time”.

Everyone who was involved today saw how serving can make a difference. It doesn’t matter if you are on the receiving end or giving end. We need each other to make it sometimes.

It’s the simple things in life that we take for granted and we don’t realize the items in our house are the very items that will make someone’s life a little easier. This Christmas season remember your neighbors and try to serve someone around you. Go to where they are; don’t wait for them to come to you. Jesus told us to go, not to wait and see if they come. Go and put Christ in Christmas!

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