Those Who Were Closest To Jesus Were Around The Tree

Christmas is upon us again! I am going to tackle some Christmas shopping tonight (pray saints) but this Christmas we see a recurring scene every year. Families go together to pick out a tree and put up their tree together. I love watching families pick out their Christmas trees. They are happy and together as a whole. This is a beautiful picture of Christmas. There is so much meaning when families decorate their trees and spend time around the tree. Let me explain what I mean.

We can get so caught up in the routine of Christmas and end up taking for granted the most powerful moments of Christmas. We get so caught up in the decorating that we miss out on the true meaning of Christmas. The beauty of Christmas trees brings me back to the birth of Jesus. He came into the world through a manger and left the world hanging on a tree but that is the beauty of the story. See, Jesus came into the world surrounded by people who loved him; he also left the world with those closest to him around the cross. The ones who loved him the most were around the tree. This is the story of Christmas!

The greatest memories are made around the tree with your loved ones. Time is the greatest gift that can be given this season. The gifts under the tree will get old but the time around the tree will be with you forever. Don’t get so caught up with what is under the tree this year and remember the loved ones who are around the tree. Love was shown on a tree and now love is around the tree.  

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