Wholeness through Serving

Wholeness through Serving

I am reading a book right now called Uprising by Erwin McManus. It is challenging me on a lot of levels and making me think. One of the topics that the author keeps bringing up is wholeness and how serving can bring wholeness. I was thinking about that thought and that is exactly what Jesus did. He served others to empty himself but through his emptying he was made whole.

I do not think many people truly understand the meaning of serving. Serving is about always emptying you and never expecting anything in return. This concept is hard to grasp, because we live in a consumerist country. It is hard to serve others when we expect something in return. It breaks my heart when people only serve to get fullness in return. If we seek fullness in serving, we will continue to be empty in the heart because your heart has the wrong motive to serve. People who serve out of the heart do it out of love. A true sign of love is those who love God first, love people, and are intentional with people. Love is not only shown through words but it is shown truly through actions. We know Jesus truly loved us not only because of his words but the ultimate sign of love was the cross. Jesus found wholeness through the cross.

Each of us has a cross to carry and the road is narrow. No one likes the narrow road because it is the road less traveled. This is the road that will be lonely and be traveled alone many of times but this road is rewarding. The narrow road is not made for the timid hearted but this road is for the courageous people. This road will lead you to death of self. This is the disciple’s road. The road that will challenge you and stretch you, but through the traveling you will find wholeness through your serving. Serving will never be a job to you on this road but it will be a joy to travel. You will not look to the world but you will look to Jesus the one leading you down the road. Following the servant road will lead you to wholeness.

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