Loving the Unloved

My heart was burdened, after walking out of The Hobbit and finding out about the school shooting. My heart sunk and was broken. I do not understand the pain of losing a child but my heart was broken for so many. My heart was broken for the family of the shooter and the families that lost loved ones. I am praying for the families that lost loved ones. I just have to point out a few other observations. Please do not get me wrong while I am writing this, I am praying for the families that have lost loved ones and I am writing this post out of love. This post may come across as harsh but I am just trying to wake up the body of Christ.

We have had 3 shooting in the last few months and all the shooters have been in their 20s. As I found this out my heart sunk even more into my chest. The people who committed these shootings are around my age. This is a crazy thought! I have to ask the body of Christ, are we awake yet? My generation is the most lost generation walking the face of the earth. We are the most fatherless and unloved generation (all 3 shooters were fatherless/came from divorced homes). Young people are leaving churches at alarming rates and it seems like we do not know what to do. People try to develop plans on how to draw young people back to church and I have a simple answer, LOVE.

We got to LOVE on this fatherless generation. We got to accept them the way they are. We have to quit judging them for what they wear and how they look. Most of them do not know any better. They are longing and looking for LOVE. They want true and real authentic LOVE. We got to redirect our focus to a lost and dying generation looking for LOVE. It has to be intentional love. A lot of my generation is already hurt from people coming in and out of their lives. They are looking for a compassionate love, not an obligated love. We cannot show authentic love when it is obligated but true love is shown out of compassion. How many of us actually show people love out of compassion and not obligation? Compassionate love will change everything we do and will change a generation. This leads me to ask some questions about churches. Now, I have to ask, how much of your church is made up of an unloved generation? How many young leaders is your staff rising up? How many orphans are sitting in your chairs or pews weekly? My generation is suffering and will continue to suffer until; the church wakes up and starts to LOVE on an UNLOVED generation.

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