Empowering vs. Delegating Leadership

Empowering vs. Delegating

Many leaders have fallen into the trap of delegating and not empowering. The reasons why people in position have to delegate is because they are not empowering. If leaders actually empowered, delegating would not be an issue. Empowering is giving away responsibility to someone in their gifting. Delegating is looking through your phone hoping to find someone that will help you. Delegating is not empowering.

If someone delegates it shows a lack of leadership because it shows they have no followers and haven’t empowered anyone. Another sign is that they haven’t shared their vision enough. Leaders who share their vision with people will not usually have a problem finding help with a project. Because once you share your vision you empower those people into the vision to use their gifts to advance the vision. You cannot share your vision and then delegate to people because people then won’t feel part of the vision; they will feel used by the vision.

This is why we cannot become good delegators but we must learn to empower. Delegating is bossing, while empowering is giving away part of the vision and letting them use their gift to advance the vision. People who delegate instead of empowering burn out people.

This is a huge problem in the church. We have a lot of people that are in the wrong gifting and trying to delegate while someone else is waiting for the opportunity to excel in their gifting. This is one reason why my generation feels disconnected from the church. Very few people are empowering young people in their gifting. I have talked to young people my age and asked, why they left church and one reason is because they felt like the church didn’t need them or the gifting they had. We have a whole generation that is lost and sitting on a gift given from God waiting to be used by God. People get nervous when things start to change but we are not trying to change culture but we must look at new ways to adapt to culture. This does not mean we change the gospel, because the gospel is the only thing that will change people. We have to think outside the box to reach one of the most fatherless generations that is leaving today. I have one last question for everyone.

If you are a pastor, church staff worker, or even a leader, are you empowering a young person in there 20s in their gifting? Are you rising up next generation leaders?

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