Passion and Compassion

Passion and Compassion

Passion is what drives you towards your mission. Compassion is what sustains you in your mission.

What is passion?

Passion is something we believe in with all our heart. We can tell what we are passionate about when someone around us starts to bash our passion and we rise up and speak out. Once you find your passion you are set on mission to make everyone passionate about what you are passionate about but we have to realize not everyone has the same passion. Passion can lead to discouragement when we don’t find others with the same passion. I like the example of Jesus’ life. He was on a mission from his father. He was passionate about healing, raising the dead, and saving those who were lost. He then shared his passion with 12 others. His passion spread to others because he knew his purpose and his purpose was to advance the kingdom of God. He realized that his mission was bigger than himself. He balanced his passion with his mission in order to see both fulfilled.

What is compassion?

Compassion is what sustains you in your mission. If Jesus wouldn’t have had compassion for people, then his passion would have been empty. Jesus saw the multitudes scattered like lost sheep and he was moved to compassion. Once you find your passion, you have to have compassion in the area of your mission/passion. I work with a lot of hurting people and some of those people have tried to use me before. My passion is to help those people but if I wouldn’t have any compassion for them then my passion would have turned negative. The compassion that God graced me with is what sustained me through helping those who have hurt me in the past. Compassion is what breaks your heart. We see a great deal of compassion with Jesus when he went to the cross. He had compassion for people who were lost. He saw the world needed a savior and he became a savior to them. Compassion is always tied into love. You first have to realize how much your Heavenly Father loves you before you understand compassion. Compassion for people is a call to come and die to yourself and to let God guide and lead you in everything you do. Compassion is graced upon you. You only realize compassion when you realize the grace and mercy God had on you.

Passion with no compassion is only an empty passion. You can’t be fully passionate about your mission without compassion. People will use and abuse you all the time but that is when compassion and grace is displayed the brightest.


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