How my View of Ministry has Changed


I have always grown up in church but have never really understood what ministry was. We always hear people say, “I am called into ministry”. What does that even mean.  I always thought was the pastor job. Whoever wanted to go into ministry had to be a preacher. This view started to change over the last year to year and half.


Ministry is not the pastors’ job; ministry should be the churches job. My biggest fear in ministry is that people won’t do ministry unless they are paid for it. I do not think these people realize the cost of ministry. Jesus did ministry and it cost him his life. Ministry is a lifetime calling, not just a season thing. Pastors should never retire; they should always invest in other fellow leaders. Everyone wants to do ministry when they get into the position. That is my second fear that people view ministry as a position status. I do not understand why people think they have to be in a position or on staff at a church to do ministry. The Holy Spirit is the one who calls you and equips you; the body of the church should be affirming your calling not calling you into action. That scares me the most that people feel like they have to have a position to do ministry.


The views from above did not come to me until after the storm of April 27th in Bradley County. This is when I saw ministry as a whole new light. Ministry is about stepping up and making an impact even if you don’t get paid. I didn’t want money or anything, because I cared less about my needs and wants and more about other people needs. Ministry is about caring less about you and looking around and seeing what you can do, instead of looking saying what you can’t do. Through helping with storm relief, God came so real and really put a burden and calling on my life. During this time, my youth pastor was affirming me and I had peace by the Holy Spirit. I never once questioned what I was doing. I had no time to question a decision when it comes to people. The people around us should be our ministry and not our jobs. People are humans just like you and I, they are not to be viewed as our jobs. People should be our priority and not our minority.


Some of the best people in ministry are the ones who volunteered and showed themselves faithful to their calling. You see if people do the ministry before they get paid, I believe they will be more faithful because they know how it is before the money and after. Money should never change the way we do our ministry. I mean that when we get paid for doing ministry, we should have the same heart and passion for our ministry even when we were volunteering. I have learned that a smile or a thanks is what kept me going over the summer, not any money or gift could compare to those people. People are the ones that left me crying not money. Money should never be the reason we do ministry, people should be our main focus. We will not be judged on how much we earned and have in our banks. We will be judged on what we did on the earth and how many souls were added to the kingdom. Money can fund ministry but it can’t lead ministry.


The more I interact with people, the more I am learning how to do ministry and interact with others. These are just some of my fears of people in ministry or wanting to go into ministry. We have to realize the cost of ministry. You are making a life choice not a season choice. Let us all begin by looking around us and seeing our ministry. Do not wait for the position; take hold of the opportunities around you.   





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